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Interesting Facts About Tigers

Tigers are the members of the cat family and are famous for their strength, ferocity, and power. Sadly, only five out of eight subspecies survive today. Capsian, Javan, and Bali are the three subspecies that have become extinct in recent times. Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, South China and Siberian subspecies still survive. Here you can help Tigers

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Tiger Facts The Sumatran Tiger

Top Fun and Interesting Facts About Tigers

One of the most interesting Tiger facts is that a tiger has an average lifespan of 26 years in captivity, but in the wild, it’s only about 15 years.

Heavy, Long and Fast!

How long do you imagine the longest tiger to be? One of the interesting tiger facts is that they can grow up to 11 feet long and may weigh as much as 660 pounds.

Despite their big frame and heavy weight, tigers are not slow movers by any means. In fact, they can easily reach 65 kmph at full speed.

Tigers Are Loners

Tigers live alone and scent-mark territories up to 100 sq km to keep their rivals at bay. Unlike most of the other cat Cool Facts About Tigers They Like Waterfamily members, tigers love water and they are actually good at swimming. They are often spotted cooling off in streams or pools.

The only two times tigers group together are when there’s a large kill and when a mother is with her cubs. Tigers can jump 16 feet in the vertical direction and leap distances of more than 20 feet. Their leg muscles have so much power that they can remain in a standing position even when dead.

A single lion rarely attacks a large buffalo, but a tiger isn’t scared to take on large mammals and usually hunts buffaloes, antelopes, wild pigs, and deer. Tigers have a very loud roar, and they can be heard as far as 3 km away. In fact, the roars heard in the movie The Lion King are actually tiger roars.

The pregnancy period for tigers is around 3.5 months, and they usually give birth to a litter of three to four cubs at once. Tiger cubs separate from the mother tiger around the age of 2 years.

They’re Not Nocturnal Beasts

Unlike domestic cats that have slit pupils, tigers have round pupils because they are crepuscular and not nocturnal. This means that tigers primarily hunt in the morning instead of in the dark. Despite not being nocturnal, tigers have Interesting Tiger Facts Tigers Sleep at Nightnight vision that is six times better than that of humans. However, one thing common between human and tiger vision is that they both can see colors.

White tigers are so rare that they carry a gene which is only present in approximately one out of ten thousand tigers. Every tiger on the planet is unique and by that, we mean that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. The stripe pattern is helpful for tigers in hunting since it’s used as camouflage.

Clever Hunters

One of the most fun facts about tigers is that they can imitate the mating calls of other animals to attract their prey. Furthermore, their urine smells like buttered popcorn, which is what they use to mark territories – that and tree scratching, as like Leopards

Thanks to their antiseptic saliva, tigers can disinfect their wounds by licking them. They can also use their tongues to Interesting-Facts-About Tigers The Siberian Tigerclean themselves and comb their fur. The upper side of every tiger’s tongue has fleshy bristles which not only cleans
but combs the fur.

Tigers have been on earth for a long time now as the oldest tiger fossils are believed to be two million years old. These were found in some parts of China. However, the sad truth is that only 3,500 tigers remain in the wild today. What’s even sadder is that a greater number of tigers is in captivity. Despite the alarmingly low number of wild tigers, in the UK, they are still being used by traveling circuses.

Survival of the Fittest

Tigers are capable of killing animals that are twice their size and depend on their canine teeth to hunt and survive. Losing its canines through old age or injury means that the tiger will most likely starve to death.Fun Facts About Tigers The Bengalian Tiger

A tiger can consume up to 21 kilos of meat in one day. If the kill is large, it carries its remains to a thicket and buries it with leaves to return to it later. One tiger kills and consumes an equivalent of 30 buffaloes per year.

Despite being strong and agile, tigers can’t outrun prey such as deer. Thus, they usually rely on stealth to hunt and prefer to attack from the rear or side. Tigers can also purr like their relatives i.e. domestic cats, although they only purr when breathing out.


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