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Top 32 Interesting Facts About The Brain You Must Read

Over 20 years ago, it was believed that the brain’s plasticity was permanent and it didn’t have the ability to change itself. Recent studies have completely rejected this belief and came up with a new discovery that it has the capability to undergo vast changes. Still many research and studies are happening related to the development and functioning of the brain and some interesting facts about the brain has been found.  A huge amount has been invested for better results. From the fair amount of information gathered, some fun facts are given here.

Random Interesting Facts

  1. In terms of the size ratio, humans have the largest brain when compared to any other creatures in this living planet. Elephants are believed to have the largest brain. But when the ratio of the whole body and the brain size are compared, it is only 0.15%. But in humans it is 2%.
  2. 85% of the total weight of the human brain is the Cerebrum. It is the part of the brain which is responsible for motor control. It was found that the average weight of the male brain is 1,336 grams and the female brain is 1,198 grams. Once we get older, the weight of the brain decreases.
  3. Brain is capable of producing energy that can light a bulb! It produces 30-35 watts at the time of awakening. Glucose is the main energy source for it.
  4. Lack of oxygen in the brain for more than 10 minutes can cause permanent brain damage which leads to the death of the person.
    Yawning is the mechanism to cool down an overheated brain. Also when there is lack of oxygen, brain makes you yawn to provide the ample amount of oxygen to it.
  5. Every time a new memory is being created, a new connection is formed in the brain.
  6. Even a small dose of power changes how a human brain diminishes and operates sympathy.
  7. Every human being has taste receptors in the intestine, stomach, pancreas, anus, lungs, testicles and the brain.
  8. At the time of pregnancy, the fetal brain develops in an amazing speed. About 251,000 neurons are added every minute into their brain.
  9. The first sense recognized by brain is touch. However, it takes about 12 weeks for the brain to completely understand it.
  10. It is considered that night sleep is the most ideal time for the brain. It can enhance the connection between all the nerve cells in it. In a recent study, it was proved that all the learned memories will be consolidated by the brain, at the time of sleep.
  11. The most suitable food for the healthy functioning of brain is sea food. The fatty acid in sea food is capable of improving the memory function by 15%. For preventing dementia, many medical practitioners are suggesting for the intake of sea foods.
  12. The fattest part of the entire body is brain. Almost 60% of it is fat. It has about two-thirds fat of the whole body.
    Listening to a story or reading aloud is the most “cerebrally” engaging experience any kid can have. Though imagination is used, it fires up children’s brain in a greater pace. This can promote brain development and strengthen brain pathways.
  13. Women take more time when compared to men in taking decisions. However, they are like ly to stick to their decision once it is made.
  14. Every time when brain revives a memory, it creates many new connections within itself. The older the memory, the more the connections are made.
  15. Scientists believe that dieting can force the brain to eat itself.
    Smell of the chocolate is capable of triggering relaxation. Because it can increase theta brain waves tremendously.
  16. As far as the brain is considered, forgetting something is good. This helps the nervous system to delete unnecessary information and retain plasticity.
  17. Most often people get drunk to forget their sorrows. But alcohol doesn’t make you forget the unwanted or sorrowful thoughts or memories. When you get drunk, the brain loses the ability to create memories temporarily.
  18. It is believed that there is two parts for the brain; left brain and right brain. But it’s only a myth. Both work together without any division.
  19. Scientific research has found that profound use of mobile phone can significantly increase the chances of getting brain tumours.
    In multiple ways, sleep deprivation can affect the brain. It can impair judgment and slow reaction.
  20. It takes only 6 minutes for the brain to react to alcohol.
  21. When you learn something, the entire structure of the brain changes.
  22. Half of our brain can be removed by surgery with no apparent effect on memory or the personality of the individual.
    “Pleasure chemical” Dopamine is produced by the brain, while we listen to the music. It is the same chemical produced while having sex and eating.
  23. There are hundred billion neurons that comprise the brain.
  24. There is a phenomenon called Lucid Dreaming, where a person can control the outcome of the dream while in a sleep-like state.
  25. Eyeballs are considered to be the direct physical extension of the brain.
  26. Scientists claim that the most mysterious and complicated thing in the universe is human brain. They know more about the stars than they know about the brain.
  27. There are more than 1, 00,000 chemical reactions happening in every human brain each second.
  28. Brain doesn’t contain any pain receptors and therefore it cannot feel the pain.
  29. Human brains have more brain cells at the age of two when compared to any other time of their lives.
  30. Every human brain starts out as a female brain. The brain of the males becomes masculine around eight weeks after the conception. It is done by the male hormone testosterone.
  31. When a woman is pregnant, her brain shrinks and it regains its original size within six months after delivery.
  32. Human grow faster at night than they do in the day time. Because pituitary gland secrets growth hormone during this period.

All these interesting fun facts tell how smart our brain functions. Brain, the most complex organ in the body plays a vital role in our daily routine. Even while we tilt our head or move our eyelids, brain has to pass on the message. So always keep your brain functional by giving it enough food and exercises.

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