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February 14, 2016 Comments Off on What Apps You Need To Get Rid Of Your Smartphone? Views: 3577 Life Hacks

What Apps You Need To Get Rid Of Your Smartphone?

We live in a world that is fast-paced. We all want everything to be finished at a blink of an eye. That’s why a sluggish smartphone can be downright frustrating. Opening applications and viewing email messages can be bombarded with time-wasting activities all done in pursuit of waiting for it to load.

Useful Tips To Get Your Smartphone Faster

As a smartphone user, you can save time by taking the effort to clear your smartphone of unnecessary applications. This will make your mobile device experience easier and faster.

Below are tips that will teach you which applications you need to use and which ones you should get rid of.


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Removing Unused Games

Game applications can take up much of your smartphone’s memory. You can simply download and maintain the games you usually play. For games you have already finished, you should uninstall or delete them in order to avoid taking up too much memory.

Using Offline Maps

The tip with using offline maps is to download only the maps you need at a particular time. For example, you can use MAPS.ME to delete the maps you don’t need. When the time comes and you need a map for a new location, then you can simply download it for use.

Using offline maps can save you on memory loaded up when you are viewing online maps. It also gives you a faster experience as offline maps don’t have the buffer effect relative to its online alternative.

Remove Unnecessary Magazine Apps

Your smartphone might be filled with different types of magazine applications and news applications that you are not actually reading. Simply pick out your favorite ones—the ones you read almost daily—and then delete the rest.

The world is filled with unnecessary information and you don’t want to get bombarded with all of these. Thus, it is highly recommended that you only keep the ones you normally read and discard out the rest.



Redundant Applications

You might have two or more applications on your device that have the same function. To save memory, you should delete the ones you don’t use. The ones you actually use for a particular function should be kept intact.

Other Tips You Can Use

Aside from removing applications, below are other tips you can use to increase your smartphone’s memory:

Remove Pictures You Don’t Need

You might have been taking pictures that are not kept for your much-awaited photo albums. These unnecessary non-personal pictures should be kept to a minimum.

Take the time and effort to remove the ones you don’t need. This will free up much of your phone’s memory. It will also provide you with a less sluggish smartphone.

Opt For Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage to share videos, pictures, and other types of media can be a great way to save your smartphone memory. You can choose from the three most popular ones, DropBox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.

Dropbox loge

You have to ensure that your files are kept safe on the cloud servers and you can delete them in your phone memory afterwards. With cloud storage, you are assured that your files are kept properly without the need to save them in your smartphone.

Now you have some useful tips to make your smartphone faster !

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