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What Does Bae Mean?

Are you one of the hundred thousand of people who wonder what does the word “bae” mean or think of what “bae” is? Perfect, today we are going to explain exactly the meanings of bae and even more.

What Does Bae Mean

What Does Bae Mean – “Bae” Real Meaning

Teenagers today have an abbrevation for everything, and the latest one is bae.
Bae is referred to a boyfriend or girlfriend as baby or honey. So the definition of bae is baby or babe.

Examples: I am going to spend some quality time with my bae. I love you bae.

But where does the word come from? Bae was used in the 1500s to refer to sheep sounds, but many believe it is just an abbrevation from “before anyone else” BAE.

Bae is pronounced bei

Pharrel Williams even uses the word in his song Title “Come get it Bae”


Other meanings of bae:
In Danish it means poop – (source)
In Icelandic it means bye and hi – (source)

Now we understand what bae means, but did you know that bae is also a Company?

What is BAE?

Most of the people wonder, What does BAE mean? Nations spend tons in their defense deals and security and there are different companies that provide equipment and security products to the countries. BAE is one of the most popular companies that provide security and defense equipment to the customers all over the world. It is a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company that has been quite famous all over the world. Then head quarter is in London from where it controls its operation throughout the world. According to a recent survey, this British multinational defense, security and aerospace company is one of the largest defense contractors in the world. Its major operation sites are in the UK and the USA. It is also the 6th largest to supply equipment to the US Department of Defense. With its markets expanding all over the world some of the most popular nations that are marketed for the company include Australia, India and Saudi Arabia.

Although the company is known for its military equipment and other such products there are many other products are services that the company provides to the clients worldwide and some of the sectors in which the company provides products are services are as follows –

  • Electronic Systems
  • Cyber & Intelligence
  • Platforms & Services (US)
  • Platforms & Services (UK)
  • Platforms & Services (International)

The history of this company is amazing. It is formed by two successful British companies which are Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) and General Electric Company plc. (GEC) – and British Aerospace (BAE). It was formed in the year 1999 and since then has been very much successful in providing excellent defense equipments to the nations worldwide. The company is involved in many projects that are popular worldwide such as the following –

  • The Astute-class submarine
  • The Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers
  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
  • The Eurofighter Typhoon

This British multinational defense, security and aerospace company, is known for its stunning products that they provide all over the world. Some of the largest nations are buying these products. Most of the products of the company are in the military. In the year 2008, almost 95% of the total products were in the military. The company is well known all over the globe for its Typhoon fighter and Tornado fighter-bomber. Some of the popular products of the company are as follows –

  • M2/M3 Bradley fighting vehicle family
  • The US Navy Advanced Gun System (AGS)
  • The M113 armored personnel carrier (APC)
  • The M109 Paladin, M777 howitzer
  • The British Army’s Challenger II
  • Warrior Tracked Armoured Vehicle
  • The Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle

This is one of the most popular companies in the world and has been quite famous among the countries. Security and defense is a very vital part of any nation and that is why countries all over the globe spend so much money to get the best defense equipments for their national security. The demand for these products is increasing every day and more and more countries are buying these products from the BAE.

BAE company Wiki Page – BAE WIKI
BAE company official Page – BAE SYSTEMS

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