What Does Bae Mean

What Does Bae Mean?

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What Does LML Mean In Texting

The growing trend of using abbreviations

It is not uncommon to hear terms like OMG and LMAO these days. You would get texts that would end in terms like SMH and ROFL. For those who are not used to these abbreviations, it might be difficult to understand what they stand for. Thus, we are going to shed some light on an abbreviation which is commonly used these days.

Before doing so, let us talk a bit about this growing trend of injecting abbreviations into conversations. The prevalence of the internet and texts has a huge to play in the popularity that these abbreviations have attained. Formally, they are referred to as slangs which are used by those who use social media and cell phones quite often. The purpose of these abbreviations was originally to save time while writing texts or to relay a sentiment without crossing over the character limit. They were meant to provide ease in communication, but gradually, they became a mark of coolness with many believing that using these slang words makes them look cool.


What Does LML Mean in Texting

What does LML mean in texting?

As we discussed before, those who are not used to using slangs might find it hard to decipher them, and there might be times when they are at a complete loss as to what the term used in the conversation mean. One term which is seen quite commonly is LML. LML is meant to be an acronym for the phrase “love my life.” It is a slang used to convey happiness and is used when one receives a particularly good news that leaves them pleased with life. Another alternative to the meaning of LML could be “laughing mad loud” in which case it is used when one gets to hear something hilarious.

Therefore, if you are wondering what does LML mean in texting, you should pay heed to the context in which it is used so as to ensure you understand the sentiment behind the slang.

A controversial subject

Internet slang is considered to be quite a controversial subject. Many believe that the popularity of slangs is leading to the degradation of language. In the past, these slangs were restricted to texts and social media, but now they seem to have found their way into verbal conversations as well. Slang words are used in highly casual conversations and as long as they are used in casual conversations, they might be considered acceptable. However, sometimes it happens that one grows so used to these slangs and abbreviations that they do not even realize while using them in formal conversations. For example, a writer used to these abbreviations might find themselves using them in formal content, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Thus, while there is nothing wrong with these slangs, when they are used in casual conversations, one should look to ensure that the line is not crossed and the usage remains limited.


We hope you have a good understanding now on What LML stands for and What LML means

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