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What Does Love Mean – All About Love

Have you ever wondered what love is or what the meaning of love is? Today we´re going to explain what love really means, there are several kinds of love. After reading this you will have a great idea about it. Let´s get to what does love mean…..

What Does Love Mean

What Does Love Mean

The Definition of Love 

The word “love” itself may have several related but distinct meanings in different contexts.

1. A  passionate affection for another person.

2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for parent, child, relative or friend. Or a person towards whom love is being felt.

3. Sex or sexual passion, desire. 

That is what the dictionary says, but what does love really mean? – What is Love?

Love can be painful sweet and love can be dreadful. True love is is may be the best feeling a human can feel? The truth is our lives depend on it and it often seems like our planet would stop spinning if love didn’t exist. Human´s which not experiencing Love have often times problems and are very lonely, it can cause serious mental issues, Love is so important in our lives, it is something we strive for, the urge to fall in Love is even biological and primitive instincts.

Most of us know the feeling, everything even some small things remind you of your lover, not a single second passes where you do not think of him/her. Even the voice (hearing your lover over the phone) can make you happy and make an bad day to a good one.

But Love has also its negative sides: I am sure you agree, the worst feeling is to lose some loved one or if someone breaks up with you even though you are still in love with this person, the well known broken heart, it´s one of the worst feelings. If you never got a broken heart maybe you never loved really someone, every person will come to a point of a broken heart. Love is sometimes a feeling we can not explain.

Love can heal sometimes any desease that medicine can not. Love can move mountains and is often unexplainable, anyone who´s been in Love knows this.

Love also means to tell cute things to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

So What does Love really mean? For some people true Love is the love to GOD only!
At the end of the day you got to decide what love really is or means to you!

Some Interesting And Psychological Facts About Love

Falling in Love is much like taking cocaine, because both  affect the brain in a similiar way and even trigger a similar sensation of euphoria. But please do not do Cocaine, it is not the right replacement for Love, because there is none.

When two people who Love each other gaze at each others’ eyes, their heart rate synchronize, beautiful right?

The well known butterflies in the stomach do really exist (the feeling), the adrenalin you get from the felling of love are those said butterflies.

Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction in your brain as taking painkillers.

Usually it takes not even four minutes whether you have feelings for someone, this decision is mostly based on body language.

An unbelievable fact: Men are more emotionally affected when a relationships ends than women.

Women love great sense of humor because it is generally associated with intelligence and honesty.


Now you know much about Love and what love means. However the final questions I have to you are:

What does Love mean to you and is Love the best feeling humans can feel?

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