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What To Write In A Wedding Card


Are going to a Wedding or need to Write wedding invetations? This post will help you to get some inspiration so you will know what to write in a wedding card.

What To Write In A Wedding Card



Important Points To Consider When Writing Wedding Card Messages

Wedding cards are used by those who wish to send wedding messages to those who are either engaged or newly married. They are also used in the invitation of the guest to the wedding and also by the couple to thank their guests. In the case of the congratulation cards, you can either mail it to the couple or decide to bring it to the wedding reception yourself. Deciding on what to write on the wedding card is as hard as shopping for the perfect wedding card itself. How and what you write will highly depend on your relationship with the newlyweds and sharing your best wishes in your own words other than what is already

written on the card will make the couple have an extra reason to smile.

Wedding cards are part of the wedding detail and are designed according to the theme of the wedding and since they are all about the couple, it is good to write messages that reflect that. This can either be personal or formal depending on the relationship you have with the couple.

We have wedding invitation cards, congratulation cards given out by the guests and thank you notes that the couple prepares after their big day. Find below the points to consider when writing messages in each of these cards.

  1. Invitation Cards

Design the perfect layout for your wedding invitation card and put the below points into consideration

  • Simplicity – Consider using simple and easy to read layout
  • Formatting – Use the right font size and color by emphasizing the most important information.
  • Theme- Stick to the particular theme of the wedding in the overall layout.
  • Hierarchy – Put the most important information at the top of the invitation card and the less important information at the bottom of the card.
  • Color – Do not use so much color on your invitation card, but only a few that reflect the theme of the wedding
  • The size of the paper –Take time to choose the best paper size and the type of paper for your card.
  1. Congratulation cards

The perfect wedding message is sweet, sentimental and completely tailored to the couple. It’s however not easy to get the right words that exactly express your feelings. Therefore, it is important to consider the following points when writing messages in your wedding card as a guest:

  • Congratulation and Best Wishes – This is normally the basic message that most people tend to include in their wedding cards and it doesn’t matter the relationship you have with the newlyweds. Whether you are a family member, friend or neighbor, congratulating couple is a must since it shows you care. Since a wedding is a sign of celebrating a couples union, congratulating them will show that you acknowledge their commitment.

The message in your wedding card should congratulate the newlyweds. You could include a moment you shared with the couple if you are close to them and go ahead and wish them things like:  luck, happiness and love. You can also wish them a life of wealth and prosperity filled with adventure and laughter.

  • Poems

Consider finding a few lines from a poem of well known poets and share them with the                           bride and groom in your wedding card. This way you will be able to fully express how you feel about their love. If you feel confident enough or have the skill, you can write a line or two of your own poem.

  • Saying Exactly how you feel

Regardless of whether you are sending gifts or money, the best gift of all will be to share your best thoughts, stories and memories. There is no best way to write whatever comes from your heart.

Even in writing, heartfelt sentiments can be felt. It’s therefore a good idea to say exactly what                                you feel so that your true feeling gets across to the couple Include a few wedding quotes or inspirational quotes. These include writing some nuggets of wisdom to the bride and groom. Christian weddings, particularly are always full of scripture reading and therefore if the couple is strong believers, then you can quote a verse from the bible or Christian message will be appropriate.

  • Thank The couple

They have chosen you to share with them the most important day of their lives and you should thank them for that.

  • Welcome them to the family

If your family member is the one getting married—son, daughter or your sibling, it is good to welcome their spouse to the family to make them feel relaxed and wanted.

  1. Thank you notes

This is done by the couple after their big day normally after two weeks or a month after coming back from their honeymoon to those who attended the wedding and the ones who sent the gifts. They are meant to thank family members and friends for their generosity. These thank you messages will vary according to the relationship you have with your specific guests, for instance the message you will send to your colleagues will be different to the ones you will send to your family members and close friends.

Below are a few points to note when writing your thank you notes:

  • Do not type them – Thank you notes must be handwritten in order to add a personalized touch to it.
  • Send a note for each gift – Consider sending a thank you note for all the gifts received.
  • Don’t make them too long – Since they are too many, try and focus on expressing your gratitude by being honest in thanking your guests.

In conclusion, wedding card messages are inspiring and positive, so you should consider that when writing your own messages. Write a message that will make the newlyweds take their time to read and enjoy. Whether writing invitation cards, congratulation cards or thank you notes, consider the above points so that the reader will not only get the message, but also have a smile on their faces while reading them.

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Now you should know what to write in a wedding card and have some ideas!!

If you need some inspiration on what to write in a sympathy card

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